Meet The Team

Karl Eschberger
Karl Eschberger“High Flying Leader”
As CEO, Karl is our Commander in Chief… Read More
Jacques Pienaar
Jacques Pienaar“Proficient Preceptor”
A Prokon founding member, Director and inspirational programmer… Read More
Renier Cloete
Renier Cloete“SUMO Master”
Renier might have a love for gaming, but his experience and skill is nothing short of serious… Read More
Louis Viljoen
Louis Viljoen“Prokon Build Boss Man”
Although this Prokon Director is as technology savvy as they come… Read More
Sampie Goosen
Sampie Goosen“Awesome”
Technical Manager
Sampie is a real live-wire around the office who is known for his positive attitude and determination … Read More
Xantel Croukamp
Xantel Croukamp“Marketing Pro”
Marketing Manager
As our Marketing Manager, Xantel believes that “Attitude over Ability” is the key to success… Read More
Louise Trombetta
Louise Trombetta“Blushing Beauty”
HR Manager
A source of pure energy around the office, Louise has a sunny disposition… Read More
Marlise Greyling
Marlise Greyling“Golfing Super Star”
Sales Manager
While Marlise loves to give her competitive side an outlet by playing netball, golf and squash… Read More
Heiko Reiff
Heiko Reiff“Big-Hearted Chap”
Regional Manager – Namibia
With a can-do attitude and his positive outlook on life… Read More
Celia van Heerden
Celia van Heerden“A Complete Package”
Admin Manager
Brains and brawn in one dynamic package… Read More
Otto de Villiers
Otto de Villiers“Technical Brains”
Support Manager
Otto is as down-to-earth as they come. With a proudly South African palette… Read More
Leon van Rensburg
Leon van Rensburg“The Tiger”
Senior Sales Consultant
With the tenacity and strength of a tiger, Leon believes that ‘Success lies upstream, you cannot drift there’… Read More
Janine Greyling
Janine Greyling“Green Eyed Lass”
Sales Consultant
As one of our most prolific Sales Representatives, Janine often acts as the face of Prokon… Read More
Desmond de Clerk
Desmond de Clerk“Mr. Optimistic”
Sales Consultant
Desmond will test, will try and will chase any and everything… Read More
Charmaine Payne
Charmaine Payne“Patient Perfectionist”
Senior Renewal Consultant
Charmaine is an Senior Renewal Consultant… Read More
Gaborekwe Kutumela
Gaborekwe Kutumela“Loves to Laugh”
Autodesk Renewal Consultant
Gabo is an open and outgoing lady who just loves people… Read More
Reinhardt Jordaan
Reinhardt Jordaan“The Solution Seeker”
Marketing Assistant
With Diplomas in Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Web Development… Read More
Annemie Pretorius
Annemie Pretorius“Mindful Soul”
Prokon Technical Sales Consultant
Annemie is a soft, reserved and warm hearted lady that will blow you away… Read More
Christo Vermeulen
Christo Vermeulen“Coffee Maniac”
While Christo is a real whizz behind the keyboard during office hours… Read More
Bianca Gous
Bianca Gous“Classic Beauty”
Bianca is a down-to-earth, office favourite with a love for classic cars… Read More
Mias de Lange
Mias de Lange“Speedy Gonzales”
Mias definitely does not fit the stereotype of your average Software Developer… Read More
Stephan de Villiers
Stephan de Villiers“Sporty Programmer”
Our office all-rounder with a love for jogging, cycling, swimming and gaming… Read More
Arno Pienaar
Arno Pienaar“Afro Man”
Arno is a Software Developer who doesn’t believe in trying… but rather doing… Read More
Révan Benadé
Révan Benadé“Brilliant Brains”
We have made a wise decision to appoint our new programmer, Révan… Read More
Chris Swart
Chris Swart“Mr. Can Do Attitude”
Technical Support Consultant
With his life motto being “Tell me that I can’t and I will show you I can”… Read More
Joep De Wet Malan
Joep De Wet Malan“The Hunter”
Technical Support Consultant
He takes life on with an energetic force and just loves the outdoors… Read More
Yolandi van der Merwe
Yolandi van der Merwe“Little Ray of Sunshine”
Admin Assistant / Course Coordinator
As the first face our visitors see when stepping through the front door… Read More
Maureen Mӧller
Maureen Mӧller“Mrs. Rider”
Receptionist / Admin Clerk
Maureen wants to spend her holidays horse riding in the bush… Read More
Alicia Dreyer
Alicia Dreyer“All-rounder”
Receptionist / Admin Clerk
Alicia’s motto in life is “Hakuna Matata”… Read More
Dereck Clements
Dereck Clements“Hardware and IT Fanatic”
Senior Technical Consultant
With an eye for the finest of details… Read More
Elrina Mills
Elrina Mills“Inventive, Imaginative, Innovative”
Technical Consultant
With an artistic side not many people know about… Read More
Marnus van Staden
Marnus van Staden“3D Guru”
Technical Consultant
With a ‘can-do’ attitude second to none, Marnus lives by his motto of… Read More
Alastair Riddin
Alastair Riddin“Mr. Funny Man”
Technical Consultant
With ‘Anchor Man’ as his favourite movie and ‘Spud’ his favourite book series… Read More
Vahlia Fakude
Vahlia Fakude“Warm & Kind Hearted”
Vahlia’s official job description might be office cleaner, but her real role is creating an environment where we all feel at home… Read More
Paulinah Chaba
Paulinah Chaba“Master Chef”
On some days (especially Mondays) the Prokon office functions solely on copious amounts of caffeine… Read More